Friday, February 16, 2018


Transparent and translucent design is going to be everywhere this year. We've already seen clear coats, colorful acrylic rainbows, and transparent walls. These designs have inspired me to make these translucent envelopes. I love how fun it is to play with what shows through the envelope. Keep scrolling for directions to make the translucent envelopes and 3 different ways to decorate them.

I cut my envelopes out of tracing paper, but vellum would work well also. My squares were 9in by 9in, and I followed the directions below to make the envelopes. Once you've made your envelopes, scroll down for 3 different ways to add some fun personality to them.

Envelope Instructions
1. Fold the paper in half to make a triangle
2. Unfold
3. Fold the other half
4. Unfold
5. Fold the left corner to the center
6. Fold the right corner to the center.
7. Fold up the bottom corner
8. Fold up the bottom left corner
9. Fold up the bottom right corner
10. Put glue on the lower corners and fold the bottom up
11. Fold the top triangle down to the middle
12. The envelope is all finished

1. Confetti
Make the envelope and write the persons name in black marker in the upper left corner. Cut out a 5.5in by 7in piece of heavy white paper, then fold the paper in half to make a card. Once you've finished writing the card insert it into the envelope. Then use circle punches to create various sizes and colors of confetti. Slip the confetti behind the card so that it shows through the back and seal the envelope.

2. Minimal Grid
Make the envelope, and then measure out a grid with lines ever quarter of an inch. Use a ruler and a sharpie pen to draw out the grid. I cut a 5.5in by 7in piece of heavy white paper, and folded it in half to make a card. Then on the back of the card I wrote in thick pink letters the name of the person the letter was addressed to. Once you have written on the inside of the card, insert it in the envelope so that the name shows through the grid and seal the envelope.

3. Colorful Pattern
Make the envelope and draw a pattern on the back with paint, markers, or colored pencils. Then cute out a 5.5in by 7in piece of heavy white paper, and fold it in half to make a card. Once you've finished writing the card, write the persons name on the back in black letters. Insert the card in the envelope and seal it.

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  1. I had to do it with paint because I don't have glue.

  2. I got it but then the number 10 confused me

  3. it was very hard. btw making confetti was fun